Enhancing the UK 's competence in languages of increasing strategic, commercial and civic importance.

Furthering SOAS and UCL's expertise in the development and evaluation of curriculum, learning materials and teaching techniques.

Bridging the gap between pedagogical research and classroom practice.

Promoting innovation in technology-enhanced language learning and other pedagogies.

Redressing the imbalance that exists between the HE sector's investment in the teaching and learning of less-commonly and more-commonly taught languages.

Raising the national and international profile of academic activity devoted to these languages.

Creating a focal point from which teaching innovations and curricular enhancements can be disseminated.

Generating an exchange of experience from SOAS and UCL with other parts of the UK HE sector and across the EU and the rest of the world. Increasing the number of students opting to study less-commonly taught languages.

Improving languages learning facilities across SOAS and UCL.

Providing personal development opportunities for language teachers.